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I’m a natural overthinker. I’ve graduated in Sound and Image where I started to develop a fascination on video and photography. When I graduated I wasn’t fully satisfied, I felt the lack of visual culture and so I went to take a Masters degree on Graphic Design. I usually have a hard time labeling myself and I am not great a dealing with label constraints either on a personal or work level. So, as a graphic designer I am satisfied because it lets me be a Jack of All Trades, I have the urge to change, not stay in the same place but combine places, overwhelm myself with hobbies and new ways of creation. Graphic design lets me change on a daily basis and do photography one day and something completely different the next. Traveling and finding new challenges everyday keeps me sane and this helps me find peace. So yeah I guess I’m multi-disciplinary. 






Wix Playground Academy

Masters Degree on Communication Design at ESAD, PT

Motion Designer at VENGA, US

RIFE Magazine Open Call: "Morte da Vénus"

Motion Designer at VENGA, US

Social Media Artist at VENGA, US

Motion Designer at VENGA, US

Social Media Artist at VENGA, US

Graduated in Sound and Image at UCP, PT

Intern at Minimal Cork, PT

Porto, Portugal

Sofia Noronha

Contact me if you're interested   


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